High performance fiber Portfolio

Sport rope YQ-LR-121821

Specially designed outdoor Sport rope.


  • Easy to splice.
  • Outstanding,precise control of kite.
  • Controlled manoeuvres.
  • Lines are very consistant in length even after high loading.

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Sport rope YQ-LR-121822

Outdoor Sport rope made of dyneema


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Thermo-fixed
  • Easy to splice
  • Very light
  • Optimized reset
  • Lowest stretch characeristics
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Sport rope YQ-WR-121823

Rope of Kevlar or Vectran with minimal stretching and ideal results of readjustment.


  • Optimized diameter at constant breaking strength
  • Lowest stretch and best rest result
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Dyneema SK99 rope YQ-LR-121824


  • Ultra high strength
  • Other properties in the same SK78
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