Sling Rope YQSling

Product Description

This is a special use product manufactured by specific process, which solves the hoisting problems under special circumstances.


  • Hoisting of precise apparatus
  • Practical operation of heavy industry production line
  • Large equipment hoisting
  • Rescue the salvage

Features (product features)

  • Structure: largesize 12-strand ropes wound by small ones plus dacron casing, eye or ring typed. Such a winding structure is more suitable for shorter length.
  • High strength: determine rope strength change by the change of small-diameter ropes. Winding process is based on the strength of the sling, in which the requirement on the process is higher if the tonnage of the sling is greater, therefore special process is needed.
  • Light weight: the sling is 1/10 of the steel rope under the same strength.
  • Low ducility: common rapturing load ducility is less than 2% and working load ducility is less than 1% .
  • Aging resistance: resistance to UV and keep 70% of remaining strength after being exposed outside for two years.
  • Resistance to acid and alkali: remaining strength is still over 90% after being steeped in acid and alkali for 200 hours.
  • Core: 100% Dyneema SK75 or SK78 12-plaited make winding rope.
  • Cover: 100% dacron cuff.