High performance fiber Portfolio

Mooring rope YQ-MR-121841


Mooring with a great elasticity,with interior-exterior construction suitable for making perfect splices and thimbles,lts special construction and use of highly elastic fibers allow that this rope is used in extreme conditions,without shock absorbers.


  • Great elasticity,abrasion resistant
  • Easy to handle
  • New range of colours
  • Easy to make notch
  • Working stretch ﹤25%

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Mooring rope YQ-MR-121842

Very soft, handy and highly elastic mooring rope

Hollow plait, easy to splice, 12 plait out of Polyester.high tenacity.


  • Very easy to handy and soft
  • Highly elastic
  • Working stretch ﹤25%
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Mooring rope YQ-MR-121843

Mooring and anchoring rope

especially confortable to handle,a completely non-kinking,square plait,easy to splice and easy to join to chain.


  • Soft and handy
  • Confortable handing
  • Non-kinking and abrasion resistant
  • Easy to splice
  • Working stretch ﹤20%
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Mooring rope YQ-MR-121844

Designed for warships, VLCC, liquefied gas carrier and oil exploration ship

100% Dyneema mooring ropes indicate the ability to achieve fast docking and undocking peed for these series of ships to take the real economic returns for users.


  • High strength: ensure ships to berth safely.
  • Small diameter: compared with traditional PP and chinlon, the diameter with the same strength is much smaller, which facilitates berthing.
  • Light weight: convinient operation, fast docking and undocking speed and economic benefits.
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